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I’m Shawn Buckley. I’m a third generation fisherman and the owner and operator of Great Slave Lake Tours. I’ve been fishing on all of Great Slave Lake for 38 years. It’s my home and my livelihood.  I’ve been guiding sport fishers and running boat tours in the summer and teaching tourists and lots of school kids about ice fishing in the winter for nearly 10 years. I started out small and grew with the experience and the pleasure of showing visitors and locals what my life looks like and what sustainable fishery is all about. I also cater to larger groups, including fish fries or scenic boat cruises on the waterways around Hay River. Once in a while I get hired by the Department of Fisheries and Oceans, glaciologists or research institutes to do some fieldwork. In between the peak tourist seasons I still fish commercially.​​​​


I cherish and respect the lake and I’d love to share that with you. Whether you’re a sport fisher and you’re excited about our northern pike, trout, pickerel, whitefish and ling cod, or an avid photographer with a passion for wilderness and unique lifestyle, or you’re just out for a pleasant dinner cruise around the harbour area of Hay River – we will try to accommodate you and plan your trip with you. We cook homemade meals and fry fresh fish like you’ve never eaten before. We are knowledgeable about wild indigenous plants and local history. And we can refer you to other local tour operators who offer a variety of services and activities. Come and visit the north and see for yourselves what makes living up here so special.​​​​

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Great Slave Lake Tours
Shawn Buckley
(867) 875-8077
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